Why you should choose Anabolic Supplements at

Quality Manufacturing

Anabolic Supplements are “pharmaceutically made”. This means that the strict details of drug manufacturing are applied to the manufacturing of Anabolic Supplements, which insures that nutrient levels listed on the bottle label are definitely in the pill. This is a very unique situation; you have the opportunity to acquire nutritional supplements being made to drug specifications by a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

It is well known that unless pharmaceutical controls are in place, supplements commonly do not contain the stated dose found on the label. For example, ten different vitamin D supplements were analyzed and the outcomes were shocking:

“The mean vitamin D content from 10 different commercially available brands was only 33% of what the label claimed, with the actual content ranging from less than 1% to 82% of the advertised level.”

This video will take you through the basic steps of how Anabolic Supplements are manufactured. You will see the extraordinary attention to detail that is required to ensure that what is listed on the label is actually found in the supplement.

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