The DeFlame Diet to Stop your Joints, Muscles, and Bones from Rotting

The DeFlame Diet to Stop your Joints, Muscles, and Bones from Rotting


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Chronic inflammation is a popular topic today, but do people really understand what it is? The answer is... NO.

Chronic inflammation is a low-grade, non-healing state that over time leads to tissue and organ degeneration. In common language, this means that your body is literally “rotting." This book outlines the biological rotting process as it occurs in body fat, arteries, joints, muscles, tendons, bones, and the nervous system, which leads to chronic pain, heart attacks, and depression.

The reason for framing chronic inflammation as a state of “biological rotting” is because people incorrectly believe that chronic inflammation is something that can be reduced with medications or supplements, or by eating specific “so-called” anti-inflammatory foods, without otherwise addressing the underlying causes. The primary causes of biologic rotting are sedentary living, a lack of sleep, mental/emotional stressors, and a pro-inflammatory diet.

This new DeFlame book focuses on how a pro-inflammatory diet causes the body to rot. The primary pro-inflammatory culprit is the overconsumption of refined sugar, flour, and oil, which amounts to almost 60% of the calories for many people. The result is chronic inflammation, which increases with weight gain that leads to obesity and the manifestation of the pro-inflammatory metabolic syndrome, which causes joints, muscles, tendons, bones, spinal discs, and the nervous system to chronically rot and never heal.