The DeFlame Diet for Golf

The DeFlame Diet for Golf


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This new book The DeFlame Diet for Golf is a modification of The DeFlame Diet to Stop your Joints, Muscles, and Bones from Rotting. In other words, if you already have the Rotting book, no need to get the Diet for Golf book. I modified the Rotting book for the purpose of capturing the attention of golfers who otherwise would not view the Rotting book as a book related to playing golf.


Your muscles power the golf swing and create joints movement so you can swing the club. When your diet is pro-inflammatory (too much refined sugar, flour, and oils), over time it will causes key musculoskeletal tissues (muscles, joints, tendons, and spinal discs) to degenerate and become chronically painful, which is the last thing a golfer needs.


This book outlines the degenerative processes that takes place in our musculoskeletal tissues so you understand exactly how a pro-inflammatory diet will ruin your golf game.


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