Bone Health Promotion

Bone Health Promotion


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DeFlame Programs

Bone Health Promotion

1. The anti-inflammatory diet (see The DeFlame Diet book) 

2. Supplements

a. Osatate-Calcium Complex

b. Osatate-Calcium Complex and Basic Health Program

c. Osatate-Calcium Complex and Advanced Health Program 

Bone health is a misunderstood topic. When people think about bone health, they focus extensively on calcium and little on anything else. This is a mistake. Bone should be viewed as a multifunctional organ, and like other organs and systems, bone health is substantially impacted by chronic inflammation.

The best way to promote bone health from a nutritional perspective is to eat anti-inflammatory as described in The DeFlame Diet book and to take either the Basic or Advanced Health Program supplements.

An additional supplement that may be especially beneficial for bone is microcrystalline hydroxyapatitie calcium (MCH-Cal), which is found in Osatate-Calcium Complex.

MCH-Cal is thought to be the best calcium supplement for bone health as it is derived from whole bone and contains an organic and inorganic component. You can link to the Osatate-Calcium Complex page for more information.