Advanced DeFlame Program

Advanced DeFlame Program


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Advanced Health Promotion

The Advanced Program includes the 4 supplements in the Basic Program, with three additional supplements (Probiotic Complete, Coenzyme Q10, and Pro-Enz).

1. Vitamin D (Ultra K2/D3 [$24.00])

2. Omega-3 fatty acids (Clinical Omega-3 [$23.00])

3. Magnesium (Clinical Magnesium [ $26.00])

4. Micronutrients (AVED-Multi Iron Free [$30.00])

5. Probiotic Complete [$20.00]

6. Coenzyme Q10 [100 mg 30 count $33.00]

7. Pro-Enz (anti-inflammatory botanical/spices) [30 count = $36.00]

There are excellent reasons to take Probiotic Complete, Coenzyme Q10, and Pro-Enz. For more information on each supplement, you can link to their individual pages to read more information. In short:

Probiotic Complete provides 4 strains of important probiotic bacteria that help to deflame the gastrointestinal system.

Coenzyme Q10 has three key functions: it acts as an antioxidant, it produces cellular energy, and it is important for skeletal muscle gene regulation.

Pro-Enz contains turmeric, ginger and other botanticals/spices, which are known for their anti-inflammatory and health-promoting benefits. 

If you wish to include additional supplements to the basic 4, the first choice to make would be Probiotic Complete, as gut health has a profound indirect effect on overall body health. CoQ10 should be your next choice as it is depleted as we age and impossible to find in the diet. Pro-Enz (botanicals/spices) should be taken if meals are not not adequately "spiced up," which is quite common. Total cost for the Advanced program is $192.00, or $6.40 per day.

Economized version of Advanced Health Program. The math involves a 2-month supply of supplements. The difference is that Clinical Vitamin D replaced Ultra K2D3 [lose K2 but get more D3], a 120 count bottle of Clinical Omega-3 was used instead of the 60 count, and 2 bottles of Clinical Magnesium instead of 1. And the 60 count CoQ10 replaces the 30 ct bottle and the 120 Pro-Enz replaces the 60 ct bottle.

1. Vitamin D (Clinical Vitamin D [$15.00])

2. Omega-3 fatty acids (Clinical Omega-3 [$41.00 - for 120 ct])

3. Magnesium (Clinical Magnesium [2 x $26.00 = $52.00])

4. Micronutrients (AVED-Multi Iron Free [$30.00 for 60 ct - take 1 per day instead of 2])

5. Probiotic Complete [2 x $20.00 = $40.00]

6. Coenzyme Q10 [100 mg 60 count $63.00]

7. Pro-Enz (anti-inflammatory botanical/spices) [$36 for 60 ct = take 1 per day instead of 2]

Total cost for the 2-month Economized Advanced = $277.00 [no shipping charges], which is only $138.50 per month = $4.62 per day, compared to $6.40 for the "standard" Advanced program, which saves over $50.00 per month. This is an awesome program.