Blood Sugar Health Promotion

Blood Sugar Health Promotion


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Blood Sugar Health Promotion

1. The anti-inflammatory diet (see The DeFlame Diet book) 

2. Supplement options

a. Basic Health Program

b. Advanced Health Program

Approximately 45% of adults aged 50 and older have the metabolic syndrome X, a blood sugar handling disorder. So, it is not surprising that a wide variety of supplements are promoted as beneficial for blood sugar regulation; primarily for the metabolic syndrome X and type 2 diabetes.

The mistake that is commonly made is thinking that supplements will correct the blood sugar problem. It is also a mistake to think that medications will correct blood sugar problems and cure metabolic syndrome X and diabetes.

Nearly every individual with metabolic syndrome X or type 2 diabetes is overweight or obese. And so an anti-inflammatory diet and daily exercise are the foundation to promote proper blood sugar regulation. The goal should be to get to body weight we had in either high school or college, before body fat accumulation began.

Interestingly, studies with various supplements have demonstrated that each of the following are beneficial for blood sugar health: magnesium, vitamin D, fish oil, CoQ10, and anti-inflammatory botanicals/spices. This means that in addition to a DeFlaming diet and exercises, the Basic or Advanced Health Promotion supplements are useful.

If you are currently medicated for blood sugar problems, make sure to speak with your doctor and explain that you are planning to DeFlame yourself. Your doctor will likely speak with you about more regular and at-home blood sugar monitoring.