I have had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Seaman lecture several times. His book is a great re-cap of what he teaches at his seminars and allows me the time to fully digest his material. I adopted his deflame methods about 10 years ago when I began to experience achey finger joints just after my 50th birthday. Within a few short months the pain gradually diminished and stopped bothering me within a year, not an ache since! At the age of 60, my b.p. is typically 115/75 and I am on zero medications. Meanwhile, a younger sister has died from breast cancer and her twin brother suffered a heart attack at age 54. An older sister was becoming type II diabetic when a new physician prescribed paleo diet and many of the same supplements recommended by Dr. Seaman. Not only has her type II reversed, but she stated that after about two months, her lifelong battle with depression lifted.


Wow, I must have bookmarked a hundred pages in this book. I so appreciate the in-depth research this author has put together . I am looking forward to implementing his suggestions and deflaming!

Also, thank you to the author for not condemning us readers when there are birthdays, weddings, etc and we will most likely indulge with inflammatory food and pay the price. I applaud you for keeping it real.


I started following this ‘diet’ for health reasons, and lost 13 pounds in one month! I thought eating healthy would be time consuming and expensive, but I was wrong. I have learned so much about how various foods work in our bodies (and don’t work!!) and I know I’ll be referring to this book over and over as I share my success with family and friends! My chiropractor recommended this diet and I’ll be forever grateful.

Dee K.

Generally I understood that inflammation was the cause of many health problems. This book goes into the depth of how we cause inflammation and why it is so important to be mindful of our eating habits. Clearly written with visuals that highlight a body’s reaction to harmful foods.

Great way to get informed and take a proactive approach to eating to deflame the body and avoid life threatening conditions in the future.

Lisa Ann Homic

Rather than obsess on disease names and disease states, just get off the inflammation track. Dr. Seaman tells you what to eat. If that’s all you want, he kept it simple. If you want to delve into anti-inflammatory eating, he gives you more info. He gives a great history on important medical information and how it got twisted over time or downright ignored. I bought the kindle version, now I need the hard copy. Can’t wait for the future books.


I really needed this book. I had been feeling nauseous, which was accompanied by lots of abdominal pain and weight loss. I went through a myriad of tests, scans, scopes, etc. with nothing really showing why I felt so badly. The Dr. tried me on the Low Fod-map diet, which did not help at all. Finally, my acupuncturist recommended this book – which I quickly purchased and immediately began trying to follow. The first thing I noticed was that I had almost Nothing in my kitchen that was allowed on this diet – a clear sign that I Really needed to adjust my way of eating if I wanted to feel better. I am not 100% following everything in the book, but am trying to reach a happy medium on what works best for me. (I am still allowing myself to eat small amounts of brown rice, as an example. And I am doing fine with that.) My main focus has been cutting out the sugar, wheat, and refined Omega 6 seed oils, also restricting other processed grains. I started to feel better within 2 days of eliminating the worst things, and a month later my gut is still doing Much better!

William M. Wotawa

simple concise easy to follow….. lost 20# and still going, feel better too.

Mr. Smith

In a world immersed in quack-laden diet advice, Dr. Seaman gives a clear and carefully researched plan that works. I’m so grateful to have been recommended this book. It is helping to relieve pain caused by inflammation, and has helped in many other ways. I even lost the weight I hadn’t been able to shake on previous plans.


Valuable information on inflammation, which foods to avoid which to include and why.


Lots of good info in this book. Good for lay people up to physicians. Nicely written in easy to understand terms.


This book has been a revelation for me. It’s easy to follow and yet gives you the science to back it up. It’s been life-changing for me already.

Linda Jolly

Very informative if you want to can your eating for better health.

Wioletta P.

This book gives you all necessary information about the influence food you eat has on your body. It actually tells you to make your own choice on what to eat to fulfill the goal ……to live good, active and healthy life. Best book I ever read about diets and healthy life style.

Mark A Korchok

This is a great book. Dr. Seaman explains his content in a very understandable manner. It’s almost like having lunch with him where he can inform you why you shouldn’t be eating that “dietary crack.”