DeFlame your Legal Affairs

In 2002, I was introduced to and purchased a membership to LegalShield. I have maintained the membership to the present day. I have used the membership several times over the years for various legal needs. I have yet to be disappointed with the service. I also became an Independent Associate so I could introduce the service and business opportunity to others.

Each state has its own Provider Law Firm. When you have a legal issue, you will be connected with the appropriate law firm.


Memberships are available for individuals, families, and businesses. There is also an Identity Theft Protection Plan. The services available are well worth the monthly membership.

Coverage options vary based upon the state in which you live. When you go to my LegalShield website, you can click on the Learn More tab to learn about the standard plan options. And by clicking on the Buy Now tab, you will be prompted to identify your state, which will bring you to the page that describes plan options based on your state of residence.

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Independent Associate

If you have an interest, you are welcome to become an Independent Associate of LegalShield. The compensation program is attractive and the training is excellent. For many people, LegalShield marketing is their only income. Many people have DeFlamed their legal and financial affairs with LegalShield. It may be a good option for you and your family.

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If you have any questions, please contact me via the Contact Us link below.