Chronic Pain Relief


Chronic Pain Relief


Chronic Pain Relief

  1. The DeFlame Diet
  2. Supplements
    1. Salizain (white willow bark extract)
    2. Salizain and Basic Health Program
    3. Salizain and Advanced Health Program

Far too many people suffer with chronic pain. Multiple factors participate in pain expression, so if one is looking for a magic bullet (drug or supplement), in most cases, he/she will be out of luck. Pain is complex and must be attacked on multiple fronts. Primarily a DeFlaming diet is very important to avoid “feeding” the pain. The pro-inflammatory foods listed in the DeFlame Diet Book function to “feed the pain.” For more details about how diet “feeds” the pain, The DeFlame Diet book contains a clear explanation.

From a supplementation perspective, the Basic Health Program supplements are typically adequate for supporting the DeFlaming dietary recommendations to achieve a “deflamed” state that often renders people free of pain or less compromised by pain.

The addition of probiotics, Coq10, and botanticals/spices in the Advanced Health Program supplement suggestions are often very beneficial to more thoroughly deflame the system.

Regarding a specific supplement, white willow bark has been shown to reduce pain expression. In the case of low back pain, it is comparable COX-2 inhibitors (Vioxx) and regular NSAIDs. And white willow bark has a better safety profile with side-effects being similar to those of a placebo. Go to the Salizain page to learn more about white willow bark.