Skin Health Promotion


Skin Health Promotion


Skin Health Promotion

  1. The DeFlame Diet
  2. Supplement options
    1. Basic Health Program
    2. Advanced Health Program

The term “skin health” can conjure up television commercials for various creams and lotions that are applied to the skin to make the skin healthy. In fact, most important to skin health is probably what we eat. While this may come as surprise, scientific articles discuss this relationship:

Shapira N. Nutritional approach to sun protection: a suggested complement to external strategies. Nutr Rev. 2010;68(2):75-86.

Fortes C, Mastroeni S, Melchi F et al. A protective effect of the Mediterranean diet for cutaneous melanoma. Inter J Epidemiol. 208;37:1018-29.

The diet and supplements discussed in these 2 articles are as found in The DeFlame Diet. Clearly, there are no specific skin supplements, so the Basic and Advanced Health Programs of supplements are the best option along with an anti-inflammatory diet.