Stop your Joints, Muscles, and Bones from Rotting

Chronic inflammation is a popular topic today, but do people really understand what it is? And the answer is… NO. For this reason, I wrote a new book entitled The DeFlame Diet to Stop your Joints,Muscles,and Bones fromRotting.

What is chronic inflammation? It is a low-grade, non-healing state that, over time, leads to tissue and organ degeneration. In common language, this means that your body is literally “rotting”.

My new book outlines the biological rotting process as it occurs in body fat, arteries, joints, muscles, tendons, bones, spinal discs, obese body fat, and the nervous system, which leads to chronic pain, heart attacks, and depression. In this book, you will learn that all of these conditions are promoted by the same pro-inflammatory diet, which means that The DeFlame Diet should be applied to all of these conditions.

TheDeFlame Diet can be vegan, omnivore, and even carnivore. It can be Paleo or ketogenic. This means that the goal of any diet should be to normalize inflammatory markers, which halts the biological rotting process.

By embracing The DeFlame Diet concept, you can free yourself from all of the dietary dogma that pervades the diet industry and clouds the minds of most people. The reason why so much dietary dogma exists does not make sense to me.

Simply stated, the average American’s diet is pro-inflammatory for one main reason, and that is the over-consumption of refined sugar, flour, and oils. Shockingly, these pro-inflammatory calories represent almost 60% of all the calories consumed by Americans.

No one should be surprised that this level of pro-inflammatory calories is the cause of heart disease. What perplexes most people is that the pro-inflammatory chemistry of heart disease is identical to the pro-inflammatory chemistry of chronic pain, depression, obesity, osteoarthritis, tendinosis, osteoporosis, disc herniation, and degenerated muscles. My new book outlines these relationships in understandable detail, which can set you free from dietary dogma and give you a new lease on life.