Factual errors about heart disease in What the Health? and The Game Changers

If What the Health? and The Game Changers focused on the benefits of eating more vegetation, they could have been legit documentaries. I have written for a long time that we can be healthy, or DeFlamed as I call it, by eating a vegan or omnivore diet. I personally favor an omnivore diet that is mostly free of refined sugar, flour, and oils, which deliver absolutely no nutritional benefit and when consumed in excess, these refined calories promote obesity and chronic inflammatory states, such as the metabolic syndrome. Once established, the pro-inflammatory metabolic syndrome can promote heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and most other chronic conditions, including chronic pain.

So, the message in What the Health? and The Game Changers should have been to drastically reduce the consumption of refined sugar, flour, and oil calories, which make up almost 60% of all calories consumed by Americans. They decided to ignore this fact and blame meat-eating for causing the disease crisis that currently exists in America. They should have left meat, fish, chicken, and eggs alone and urged people to dump the refined food calories and eat large volumes of vegetation. As opposed to promoting veganism as a healthy option, both “fiction” movies took a radicalized vegan stance and blamed meat for all or our current ills. When people take a radical stance, they tend to make serious factual errors in their presentation of information, which is quite obvious when it comes to heart disease.

Atherosclerosis refers to plaque formation in arteries, which can cause strokes, heart attacks, and peripheral artery disease that makes walking painful. Before scientists got their acts together, they thought and taught that lipids (cholesterol and fat) build up on top of endothelial cells to occlude the lumen of the artery to impede blood flow. This incorrect view of atherosclerosis was abandoned years ago because scientists realized that lipid accumulation occurs within the walls of arteries as part of a chronic inflammatory process that involves the immune system.

Based on the above information, it is somewhat shocking that both What The Health? and The Game Changers opted for the old and incorrect view of atherosclerosis. I suspect the reason for this is that for radicalized vegans to maintain their obtuse views, they have to believe that if you eat meat and butter, the saturated fats will stick to the vessel wall, HOWEVER, we now know that this NEVER occurs as clearly outlined in The DeFlame Diet book and dozens of scientific articles.

We also now know that only oxidized LDL cholesterol is involved with atherosclerosis. And the “build-up” of lipid that does occur, happens because immune cells called macrophages accumulate in the artery wall and gobble up all the oxidized LDL cholesterol. In other words, the artery narrowing that does occur is largely due to the accumulation of lipid-laden macrophages called foam cells. I outlined this process in my new book The DeFlame Diet to Stop Your Joints, Muscles, and Bones from Rotting.

The biggest driver of LDL oxidation is the metabolic syndrome, which one can develop by never eating meat and by overeating refined sugar, flour, and oils. The reason why these facts never appear in fiction movies like What the Health? and The Game Changers is because it goes against the dogmatic nutrition views maintained by radicalized vegans and some of them, unfortunately, are the medical doctors that appear in these films to create an aura of scientific authority.