DeFlame Diet Guidelines

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The DeFlame Diet is actually a concept…it is not a specific rigid diet, and this is not a trivial semantic issue. Additionally, by embracing The DeFlame Diet concept, it can help you to better deal with the dietary challenges that we all face.

What challenges am I referring to? Consider the fact that most people in America are overweight or obese, which means most people eat high calorie foods in excess of their caloric needs. I can say for myself that, while I am not overweight, I deal with the same dietary challenge. And most of the non-overweight people I know, agree with me on this. In other words, we also want to eat high calorie foods, we just stop ourselves. This can be achieved by anyone but it requires developing the proper weight management mindset, which involves living in a perpetual state of mindfulness regarding caloric intake. This mindset can be likened to taking care of an infant or young child, which involves creating a healthy environment that is free of catastrophic dangers.

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The information in the Weight Loss Secrets book was not included in The DeFlame Diet for a very specific reason…food eating is an emotional event, and this is both for normal weight and overweight people. For this reason, I think it is foolish to tag a specific eating style as being required for weight management. In other words, you could be a carnivore, omnivore, lacto-ovo vegetarian or a vegan to achieve normal weight and an anti-inflammatory state. My preference is to be an omnivore and I am not opposed to other options, AND the reason for this has to do with understanding the key guideline that forms the found of The DeFlame Diet.

The key guideline of The DeFlame Diet is to reduce or eliminate nutrient-free calories made from refined sugar, flour and oils, and replace them with whole foods from plant and animal origin. The way you determine the best diet for you is based on how you feel and by normalizing easy-to-measure markers of inflammation. These markers are listed in Chapter 9, which is entitled “Self-assessment – am I inflamed?

I have created several videos that outline The DeFlame Diet mindset. You should watch these. Three of the more useful videos in this regard are entitled:

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