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Prostate Health Promotion

1. The anti-inflammatory diet (see DeFlaming Guidelines)

2. Supplements

a. Prostana

b. Prostana and Basic Health Promotion

c. Prostana and Advanced Health Promotion


There are three main conditions that compromise the prostate gland: prostatitis, benign prostatic hypertrophy, and cancer. 

In particular, prostate hypertrophy and cancer are known to be promoted by ongoing chronic inflammation, long before any symptoms begin. So, in addition to whatever pharmaceutical or surgical treatments that may be used, it is important to include health promotion (deflaming) activities as well. 

These activities include the anti-inflammatory diet as described in the DeFlaming Guidelines and the Basic or Advanced supplement programs.

Additionally, certain prostate-health specific supplements have been identified, which are found in Prostana. These nutrients include Saw palmetto, nettle and pygeum. You can link to the Prostana page and read more about the unique ingredients.