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Cardiovascular Health Promotion

1. The anti-inflammatory diet (see DeFlaming Guidelines)

2. Supplement options:

a. Basic Health Promotion

b. Advanced Health Promotion


There are many cardiovascular conditions from which people suffer, most of which are caused by chronic inflammation, including atherosclerotic-induced heart attacks, peripheral artery disease, erectile dysfunction, and hypertension. Back pain can also be promoted by atherosclerosis of the arteries that feed the spine.

The use of aspirin (salicylates) by patients demonstrates the inflammatory nature of cardiovascular disease. Interestingly, vegetables and fruit contain low doses of salicylates, and these foods are recommended by the American Heart Association for heart health. Clearly, a DeFlaming diet is beneficial for heart health. 

Regarding supplements, magnesium, fish oil, vitamin D, botanical/spices, and coenzyme Q10 are all known to offer cardiovascular health benefits via their anti-inflammatory actions. So the best supplements for cardiovascular health promotion are included in the Basic and Advanced Health Promotion programs.