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DeFlame Programs

Healthy Aging

1. The anti-inflammatory diet (see DeFlaming Guidelines)

2. Supplement options

a. Basic Health Promotion

b. Advanced Health Promotion


Researchers have coined the term “inflammaging” to describe the biochemical/metabolic processes we all go through as we age. If we do NOT “inflammage” properly we develop chronic inflammatory diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer and heart disease, and suffer with pain. Unhealthy “inflammaging” is promoted by eating inflammatory foods and sedentary living.

If we “inflammage” properly, we “live long and prosper” and we will likely peacefully die of old age. Not surprisingly, our approach to achieving this goal would be to eat an anti-inflammatory diet and and take anti-inflammatory supplements,  as outlined in the DeFlaming Guidelines. There are no specific "anti-aging" supplements that should be taken with the Basic or Advanced Health Promotion programs. 

The Advanced Health Promotion supplement program is the best option to promote healthy aging as probiotics, coenzyme Q10, and anti-inflammatory botanicals/spices offer additional healthy-aging benefits not found in the Basic program.