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The DeFlame supplements

At we offer basic supplements that assist the diet in the process of “deflaming.” Each supplement is discussed in the Supplement Section.

Please know that you will not be held hostage at DeFlame. If you wish to buy supplements elsewhere that is your choice; however, we still recommend the use of the basic supplements to support dietary deflaming. 

With the above in mind, we encourage you to consider the issue of quality. Studies have shown that it is common supplements to contain as little as 1% of the stated dose on the label, which is due to poor manufacturing controls. The Anabolic supplements offered at DeFlame are manufactured under pharmaceutical controls, which guarantees that the stated dose on the label is in the supplement. This is VERY unique in the supplement industry.


Quality Manufacturing offers supplements manufactured by Anabolic Laboratories, a pharmaceutical manufacturer that applies the strict details of drug manufacturing to their supplement manufacturing, which insures that nutrient levels listed on the bottle label are definitely in the pill. This is a very unique situation, to have the opportunity to acquire supplements being made to drug specifications by a pharmaceutical company.

It is well known that unless pharmaceutical controls are in place, supplements commonly do not contain the stated dose found on the label. For example, 10 different vitamin D supplements were analyzed and the outcomes were shocking:

“The mean vitamin D content from 10 different commercially available brands was only 33% of what the label claimed, with the actual content ranging from less than 1% to 82% of the advertised level.”

Anabolic’s manufacturing facilities are located in Colorado Springs, CO and Irvine, CA. When you order from, you will have your supplements delivered to you directly from the manufacturer. Click here (Unique Anabolic Manufacturing Standards) to read about the detailed manufacturing steps that ensure that Anabolic supplements contained the stated dose on the label. 


Delivery of your supplements

Each order is shipped UPS and typically arrives within 4-7 days.There is also a $10.00 shipping charge on each order below $50.00 and $5.00 shipping charge on each order above $50.00. For orders of $100.00 and over, shipping is free. Occasionally, supplements are back-ordered, which means that you will receive your supplements in two different shipments. There is no shipping charge for back-ordered products.


Why are Anabolic products occasionally backordered?

When supplements are made to drug standards, as is the case with Anabolic Laboratories, it is not uncommon to discover that certain raw materials are not up-to-standard. Most supplement manufacturers would not realize that raw material nutrients are sub-par, and so manufacturing would continue. At Anabolic Labs, they identify and assure that every raw material is, in fact, the appropriate nutrient. When an Anabolic product is back-ordered, this is actually a good sign. It means that a problem was encountered and undergoing a correction process, such as re-ordering the nutrient or finding a better supplier, which is something virtually no other supplement manufacturer would detect.


Individual supplements and programs available at

If you already have certain supplements that you use, individual supplements of your choice can be ordered at You can also order one of the supplement programs offered at You will notice that similar supplements are recommended as the health promotion throughout the body requires the reduction of inflammation. The Product section at describes the various program options:

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Nutritional Supplements