Committed to providing quality products, resources and information. was started by Dr. David Seaman, the first person to author a paper that specifically hypothesized that diets can be pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory. He has been focussed on diet and inflammation since 1987, which is long before anyone else and has led to the development of the DeFlaming Guidelines.

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Click here to read Dr. Seaman’s 2002 article, the diet-induced pro-inflammatory state. Since 2002, thousands of papers and numerous books have been published on the topic of diet and inflammation, which is now accepted as mainstream.

The focus of is to provide resources and information about inflammation reduction with diet and nutritional supplements. A substantial amount of information is embedded into the website and you can be kept up-to-date via our e-newsletter.

Regarding supplements, the goal of the company is to provide the highest quality products, which have been produced in a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. This is highly unique situation in that pharmaceutical controls are applied to nutritional supplement manufacturing. Read about the very rare and Unique Anabolic Manufacturing Standards.

Dr. Seaman is a Professor of Clinical Sciences at the National University of Health Sciences‘ Florida campus in Pinellas Park, FL. He has been studying the relationship between inflammation and disease expression since 1987 and has multiple publications related to this topic:


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